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4 Simple ways to take care of dentures

4 Simple ways to take care of dentures

4 Simple ways to take care of dentures

You may require dental implants due to either tooth decay or gum problems. Dental problems increase during old age as teeth begin to fall. Loss of teeth and other dental problems make eating food difficult. Use of dental implants for seniors can help provide relief from all sorts of oral problems that occur in the old age.

Dental implants for seniors need some care to avoid further problems. With dental implants for seniors comes the need for increased dental care also. Here are some dental care tips for seniors who use dental implants.

Brush daily
It is important to brush properly to keep dental implants clean. You can use a soft bristled brush after meals to remove plaque and to keep tooth decay at bay

No more regular toothpaste
Don’t use your regular toothpaste now as they are too abrasive and can damage your implants. Your dentist is likely to prescribe toothpaste and other oral care products for you to use. If you find the products ineffective in any way, you can ask your dentist for other recommendations.

Fix a cleanup routine
Dentures require special care. They should be removed from the mouth for some time daily. One can remove them at the time of sleeping and when mostly not in use. Always remember that they should always be kept wet; avoiding this may damage the material. It will be better to keep it in a container with denture cleaning solution or may be just with water also.

Change your dentures on time
On average, dentures can last for 5-7 years. Within this time either they break or become brittle. Never use old or broken dentures as it may damage your gums too or even lead to some other problems. Consult your dentist for getting new implants.

Dental implants may be necessary during old age. These are expensive and the procedure for fixing implants is also quite extensive. This is why it is important to properly clean them. Without good maintenance, implants can also cause infections in the mouth and lead to other dental problems.