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5 scrumptious weight-loss dog foods for your overweight canine

5 scrumptious weight-loss dog foods for your overweight canine

5 scrumptious weight-loss dog foods for your overweight canine

Almost everyone across the globe is struggling with weight issues; some wish to gain weight, while others are sweating it out to lose those extra pounds that have made themselves comfortable in their body. What comes as a surprise is that even man’s best friend isn’t a stranger to weight struggle. Even our beloved canines face weight issues, and a majority of times it is the pet owner who’s responsible for this weight gain.

Irrespective of which dog breed your pet belongs to, you cannot overlook the fact that it needs exercise! The rule that applies to humans, “you gain weight if you don’t exercise” applies to canines as well. So, if you have skipped a lot of visits to the dog park, and feel that feeding your dog recklessly is a way of showing affection, then you are putting your dog’s health at great risk.

Canine obesity leads to joint problems, diabetes, heart disease, breathing difficulties, hypertension, skin problems, liver problems, and makes them vulnerable to other health issues as well. One of the major reasons for weight gain among dogs is feeding them a high-calorie diet, and if your dog isn’t very active, there’s no way of burning those calories. To help your dog lose weight, it is imperative to choose the best dog food for weight loss, and couple it with outdoor activities that your dog will surely enjoy.

If you are willing to go an extra mile for your dog and ensure that it consumes a healthy diet, you can choose either of these dog foods that promote weight loss among dogs.

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Healthy Weight Dog Food
Wellness is one of the acclaimed brands that is favored by dog owners owing to its unique and appealing recipes. The Healthy Weight recipe is no different; it contains no artificial additives, fillers, or poultry by-products, and has specially concocted a weight-control formula that has lesser calories than the regular Wellness dog food. It is one of the best weight-loss dog food since it offers a complete and balanced nutrition that promotes weight loss. You can buy this dog food for around $15.67 (5-pound bag).

Halo Spot’s Stew Healthy Weight Grain Free Turkey and Duck Recipe
One of the prime reasons to opt for this weight-loss dog food is that it contains turkey and duck recipe, and this quite rare. It is free of GMOs, no meat meal, artificial colors, and flavors, or preservatives; in short, it does away with everything that is detrimental to your beloved pet’s health. This dog food is among the best dog food for weight loss since it improves the dog’s digestion and contains plenty of bio-available nutrients. Moreover, it has reduced calories and fat, and L-carnitine, which plays a prominent role in helping boost your dog’s metabolism. This dog food is available for around $43.68 (11.5-pound bag).

Wellness CORE Reduced Fat Grain-Free Recipe
It is common knowledge that most dogs are allergic to gluten, so opting for a dog food that is grain-free is a must. The Wellness Core dog food combines the advantages of a grain-free recipe with one that helps your dog shed the extra pounds. This dog food offers one of the best grain-free, weight-management food, and contains high-value ingredients with a reduced number of calories. This ensures that your dog receives all the nutrients essential for a healthy life minus the calories. A 12-pound bag of this dog food costs around $36.99.

Fromm Gold Weight Management Recipe
This is one of the super-premium dog food that is engineered to help your beloved pooch lose weight. Moreover, it is free from any artificial ingredients, dye, flavors, and contains a special blend of lean turkey liver, duck, lamb, chicken, whole eggs, and real Wisconsin cheese. It is even supplemented with L-carnitine to promote a faster metabolism. Moreover, dogs tend to love this unique blend! This amazing dog food for weight loss costs around $27.68 (5 lb).

Eagle Pack Reduced Fat Dog Food
This brand offers the best dog food for weight loss since it combines an amazing recipe with a weight-loss formula. It offers a reduced fat formula that contains real pork, chicken and fish, and lesser calories to help your dog lose weight. It does away with ingredients that are detrimental to your dog’s health such as corn, wheat, meat by-products, and artificial flavors and preservatives. You can buy this dog food for around $37.99 (30-pound bag).

Even if your pooch looks cuddly with all that extra weight, you need to replace its usual food with one of these best weight-loss dog foods.