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Brands to look out for if you want to buy barbecue grills

Brands to look out for if you want to buy barbecue grills

Brands to look out for if you want to buy barbecue grills

With the summer holidays drawing nearer, it’s time to dust off your outdoor bbq grills and plan your cookouts. But if you intend to buy a new one, summer’s certainly not the time to think about it. This is peak grilling season, and if the weather holds, prices aren’t going to fall any time soon.

The best time to purchase barbecue grills on sale is when summer’s over and stores are carrying huge unsold inventories. End of July and into August are the right times to snap up a deal on some of the best gas grills in the market.

Bargain hunters can look through the local papers for gas grills on sale, bbq grills for brick bbq on factory websites, people moving out, garage sales, local stores offloading older models and easy-purchase terms direct from manufacturers.

Some of the most popular, best-rated barbecue grills include:

Broil-Mate 165154: This may not rate very high in the looks department, but it’s a steal at $200 and gives you great performance. It’s compact and can be assembled at home. The company offers a lifetime warranty for the housing, with a 5-year guarantee on burners and steel components.

Napoleon Rogue 425: This is a luxury appliance that is large, spacious and powerful. This Canadian brand isn’t very well-known but it’s a winner. You can switch from gas to charcoal by use of the optional tray, and it gives you even cooking temperature and has an in-built thermometer for gourmet cuisine.

Weber: This brand has a comprehensive range of models to suit your pocket, tastes, and preferences. From the tiny, kettle-charcoal grill at $99, prices go all the way up to luxury models with a $2000 plus price tag.

Traeger: They make wood-fired grills for those who love the authentic taste of smoky meats. The Junior Elite 20 Wood-fired Pellet Grill in bronze is a classic piece priced at $429. It has a convenient temperature controller and is portable and versatile for different types of cooking.

Black Knight: You can buy grill sets from this well-known British brand from online sellers like Amazon. The Black Knight 401 Brick Built-In Bbq Grill Kit comes with a warming pan and it’s pegged at $139.95.

Cuisinart: If you’re in the market for portable, stylish, compact models, look for Cuisinart barbecue grills on sale. There are cute, table-top models, rollaway types and more, with charcoal, propane, and electric fuel/power-options.

Picnic Time: These folding portable grills are just the thing for holiday/camping trips. The Vulcan features a PVC cooler that fits neatly into the accompanying tote. At $288.99 it’s priced on the higher side, but watch out for these barbeque grills on sale. It’s foldable, versatile and convenient.