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  • 29.7MIL
    721 E Capitol St Se, Washington, DC, 20003
  • 32.3MIL
    4405 Ponds St Ne, Washington, DC, 20019
  • Locally owned and operated. See us for all your needs.
    16314 John Marshall Highway, Broad Run, VA, 20137
  • Irene has had an interest in the paranormal and the unknown since she was a very small girl. At the tender age of 14 she decided to teach herself Tarot. She continued to use the Tarot as a tool throughout her mid twenties and continued to educate herself in many other fields. In the mid 1980's she tried to do Automatic Writing, it wasn't until after she had three children, then and only then was she able to do Automatic Writing. After six months of using Automatic Writing as an effective communication tool to communicate with the Spirit Realm and her Higher Self, she started to develop other gifts of Spirit. She developed clairaudience, clairsentience, clairgustance, clairallience, claircognizance and clairvoyance. She also has a natural healing ability. ? Over the years Irene has studied Channeling, Crystals, Crystal Healing, Psychometry, Remote Viewing, Reiki, Shamanism, Communicating with Animals, Astral Projection, Dream Interpretation and many other areas of the unknown. Irene Channels Jesus, Mahat Ma Gandi & The Council of Twelve. Recently Irene has received the rites of Munay-ki. She is also a certified Spiritual Counselor. ? Irene is currently a Certified Hypnotist and offers Past Life Regressions and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. She is also going to incorporate Introspective Hypnosis. She is currently a member of The Frederick County Department of Tourism and The Frederick Downtown Partnership. Irene is an Author, Healer and is a professional Medium. She has an unshakeable faith in God. Knowing that everything happens for a reason. Everyone we meet happens for a reason and the reason you are here reading this now is happening for a reason. She hopes to help others develop that same trust within themselves and to develop a trust and a bond with God that is only known to those people who believe will receive. Energy flows where your energy goes! ? Faith has no boundaries, nor will the readings that Irene Richardson will bring to you the seeker of truth.
    38 S Market St Suite 3, Frederick, MD, 21701
  • Guardian Home Inspections works solely for your best interest and gives you an accurate and objective analysis of your purchase. We thoroughly inspect all major components of the subject property to expose unknown defects. Call us today for more information.
    5237 Pumphrey Dr, Fairfax, VA, 22032
  • 'Life is journey not a destination' (unknown author) please come and enjoy retirement , stay connected to the poeple you love by moving to Sunshine Home Care, Inc located in the Whetstone Community of Montgomery Village. Discover a great location,a variety of amenities, qualified, caring  and friendly staff. We are serving the senior population of the tristate area for the last 20 years at affordable rates and high quality. In our home you can share activities, home perepared meals with friends, schedule transportation for shopping, medical appointments and have a great sfaff attending you with the daily living requirements as well as medication management.       
    9713 Inaugural Way, Montgomery Village, MD, 20886
  • New to America? Welcome! We are your U.S. acculturation specialists, here to help you feel at home in your new country! Golden Beacon USAs mission is to help immigrants and refugees to the United States integrate into American society and thrive socially, economically, and civically. Moving to the United States can be a mix of emotions: excitement, hope, anxiety, and fear of the unknown. Golden Beacon USA is here to ease that fear by providing you with the answers to the questions keeping you awake at night. Through educational videos focused on American culture and community resources, English lessons, Orientation & Resources workshops, career coaching, resource referrals, and social forums, youll learn about life in America and the newcomer resources available in your new community to help you succeed and become self-sufficient here.
    Serving Your Area, Alexandria, VA, 22310
  • Shoppers Insurance Agency makes it easy to shop for homeowners insurance, car insurance, motorcycle, boat, flood, pet, business insurance, commercial auto insurance and more! We're an independent insurance agency with over 40 years of insurance experience helping clients prepare for the unknown. Proudly serving the state of Maryland! Let us do the insurance shopping for you.
    190 Thomas Johnson Drive Suite 6, Frederick, MD, 21702