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Confused About Which Ebook Readers And Accessories To Purchase? Find Out Which Are The Best!

Confused About Which Ebook Readers And Accessories To Purchase? Find Out Which Are The Best!

Confused About Which Ebook Readers And Accessories To Purchase? Find Out Which Are The Best!

eBooks have slowly started to replace paperbacks and hardcover books. They do not require physical space and you can carry thousands of them in your eBook reader. If you are an avid reader you would spend some hours reading, it makes sense to invest in a reliable eBook reader. There are many eBook readers and accessories available in the market. 4 of the best are going to be explored here today.

Which eBook readers Are Worth The Investment?

Amazon has launched multiple eBook readers and accessories. Here are the top two Kindles by Amazon.

– Amazon Kindle Oasis (2017)

This eBook reader comes at $349.99 which is good considering the features it comes with. This Kindle is waterproof and highly durable. It has a large screen with 7 inches and E-ink technology. The resolution of the eBook reader is 300 PPI. It weighs just 194 grams making it lightweight. You can hold it for long hours. It has a strong aluminum back for sturdiness.

Amazon Kindle Oasis comes with 512MB RAM. It has a storage capacity of 32GB which is enough to store thousands of your favorite eBooks. It has a strong display cover glass that ensures you are able to read under all types of lighting. You can turn pages in two ways: by tapping the screen and by using the turn buttons.

– Amazon Kindle Voyage

Another Amazon product which gives value for its price. The Amazon Kindle Voyage comes at $199.99. This Kindle is slimmer than its contemporaries. It comes with a dedicated button for turning pages which is a first.

Amazon Kindle Voyage weighs just 181 grams which ensures your hands don’t hurt when you are immersed in reading an intriguing book. Its back is made up of magnesium and it comes with a 6-inch display with 300 PPI. The screen is developed to resist scratches. This particular Kindle ensures that glare is reduced when you are reading it in broad sunlight. It has a sleek look too.

– Barnes And Noble Nook Glowlight Plus

This impressive eBook reader is waterproof and dustproof making it extremely durable. It has no ads which are a major plus. It comes with sharp contrast. It just has an on/off button and comes with 2.5GB storage space. It can go up to 6 weeks after you charge it once but this is only when you have turned off the WiFi. It lets you read newspapers and other material provided by 3rd party retailers too making it more versatile. It costs $129.99.

– Kobo Aura

This eBook reader comes with a massive display of 7.8 inches. It costs $268.90 and is waterproof. It has a back with a texture so that it doesn’t slip from your hand easily. It comes with 8GB storage space. It supports a plethora of formats including EPUB, MOBI, and PDF. It has a color temperature change mode. It is pretty easy to navigate through and the battery can last up to 1 month without charge.

eBook Readers and Accessories

You can get eBook readers and accessories like covers, cases, and sleeves. There is a wide range of accessories that you can get from Amazon, BestBuy, Etsy and various other online shopping websites. Some eBook readers and accessories sleeves come with one or more pockets. Then there are others that come with a cute baby panda front design. There are designs to meet individual choice.

Most of the accessories don’t cost a fortune but it is worth thinking before buying. You should consider the material used, their price and their durability. If you intend to use your eBook readers and accessories while traveling, getting a strong and durable case is recommended. There are all kinds of covers and cases available to keep your eBook reader safe and sound. Pick the one that your heart desires!