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Dangers of high blood pressure

Dangers of high blood pressure

Dangers of high blood pressure

The specific cause of high blood pressure is unknown, but still, some factors lead to high blood pressure and these are:

• Smoking and alcohol intake
• Family history
• Overweight or obesity
• High salt intake
• Stress and age

High blood pressure can lead to the below mentioned health risks:

Damage to the arteries
High blood pressure affects the flow of blood in the legs. It can build plaque in your body, which starts with pain, cramping, aching, and numbness. It can also damage the cells of your arteries, after which high blood pressure treatment becomes a must.

Kidney disease
High blood pressure can narrow the blood vessels in the kidney, which results in kidney failure.

Brain damage
High blood pressure can interfere with the supply of blood in the brain or can start blood clotting. Uncontrolled blood pressure often damages and weakens your brains blood vessels and leads to stroke. Therefore, referring to high blood pressure charts once in a while is advisable so that you are aware of your pressure levels and its associated risks if any.

Vision loss
High blood pressure can injure blood vessels in the eyes and may lead to vision loss.

One can easily measure his or her blood pressure with the help of high blood pressure charts. Below is one such chart that will help you determine what your blood pressure indicates.

Low blood pressure(Hypertension)
Systolic – 50-90
Diastolic – 35-60

Systolic – Less than 120
Diastolic – Less than 80

High Normal(pre-hypertension)
Systolic – 120-139
Diastolic – 80-89

Systolic is the highest pressure when the heart beats and pushes the blood in the different parts of the body. Whereas, diastolic is the lowest pressure when the heart relaxes. High blood pressure charts are a good way to track the pressure readings and keep them in check.