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Different methods for using prepaid TracFones

Different methods for using prepaid TracFones

Different methods for using prepaid TracFones

There are certain repaid TracFones which work by matching the minutes that were used against the amount that got credited on the prepaid. Prepaid TracFonescan be locked in order to stop consumers from using the phone over a competitor’s network. TracFones are nothing but the GSM-enabled SIM cards, as well as electronic cards which can be unlocked for use on multiple networks. You must even follow many major Method to unlock your prepaid TracFone.

Method 1

You can remove the back cover that is covered on your prepaid TracFone. Later, Then, remove the battery from the back of your phone and write the serial number that you can see on the backside sticker which you can see on the battery’s compartment. The serial number can also be used to refer to as an IMEI number.

Method 2

Always locate the electronic SIM card and jot down the SIM card number, which you can see on either the front or side of the SIM card. GSM TracFones require Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards to function properly. Thus, you can write down the number which is absolutely the same as it appears over the card. In case, you provide incorrect SIM card number, you cannot lock your phone.

Method 3

You can even call your TracFone customer service hotline, and further communicate with the technical support department. While, the technical support executives are too familiar with the task of unlocking the phones, as well as facilitate the process at a rapid speed. In order to unlock your prepaid TracFone, you can simply offer the detailed information to the technician as well as use the make and model of your prepaid TracFone.

Method 4

You can simply request the technical support executive to unlock code of a TracFone. While, an IMEI code is found to be a unique numerical code which denotes a specific phone that is used over a mobile network. Also, TracFone is an offline group which monitors IMEI codes over mobile networks that simply approve or rejects your request for an unlocking code.

Method 5

Make a call to the TracFone customer service hotline which remains open approximately 48 hours after your initial request. This happens only for the purpose of unlocking code. A technical support executive offers you a TracFone unlocking code that simply got approved for your account. Suppose your request is rejected, you can talk to the customer service technician or executive about various steps to revoke all the decision taken so far.

Method 6

Over the back of the TracFone, you can simply replace the back cover, and then you can push or press the O button to make the phone backturn on. A screen appears quickly, and you will have to press an unlocking code in the numerical box. In case, your code gets accepted, your prepaid TracFone will be unlocked and is simply ready to use over the multiple networks.