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Ergonomically Designed Mattresses To Reduce Back Pain

Ergonomically Designed Mattresses To Reduce Back Pain

Ergonomically Designed Mattresses To Reduce Back Pain

Back pain can occur or worsen if you sleep on the wrong mattress for a long time. An ergonomic mattress relaxes muscles, encourages better sleeping posture, and offers healthy, wholesome sleep. Thus, you must always opt for the best mattress for back pain. Here is a list of the best and most popular mattresses to reduce back pain:

The Amerisleep AS2
Amerisleep is among the first brands to start selling mattresses online. They are affordable as well as you would get them directly from the manufacturer. Amerisleep may use plant-based foams in their mattresses but do not shy away from giving luxury finishes to them. Celliant technology has been used in the manufacturing of Amerisleep beds, which is a mineral-based fiber embedded in the mattress cover. This material is proven to give relief to muscle pain. It promotes circulation as well by taking excess body heat and altering the same to beneficial infrared energy. This medium firm mattress offered by Amerisleep is widely recommended for people suffering from back pain. This mattress comes with a 100-day risk-free trial. Thus, you can test the mattress in your house. If it does not seem to help you with the pain, you can return the same at no extra cost.

The Saatva Mattress
Saatva offers affordable coil mattresses. They can keep the price range low because they sell directly to customers. There are two sets of specially designed coils in the mattress. The first one is tempered steel to prevent sagging and the second is comfort coils that individually wrapped to take the shape of the body. This mattress is recommended by chiropractors, orthopedics, and other back pain specialists since it is effective for giving relief to persistent lumbar pain. Saatva offers their mattresses in three firmness options. The firm is for stomach or stomach sleepers, Luxury Firm is for most people, and Plush Soft is for side sleepers. For people with back pain, Luxury Firm is best suited and thus a more recommended mattress for back pain.

The Helix Mattress
Helix Sleep is offering high-quality and fully customizable mattresses at an affordable price range. The thorough customization is allowing people to choose from different available options. The mattress offers great benefits against spinal pain. The best part is that you are able to feel exactly the way you want while sleeping on this mattress and avoid any back pain for further relief. The Helix mattress would be tailor-made for you, considering all your back pain issues. The difference can be noticed immediately. Helix can also customize each side of the mattress differently to suit the requirement of your partner or spouse as well if you have one. Both of your partner can enjoy a good night’s sleep as per your individual sleeping styles and body types. The customization process is fairly easy. You can go online and answer some easy questions on the Helix website and the company would be able to provide you what you need. You can also choose to talk to a specialist to suggest you the best mattress as per your requirements and for the type of back pain. Even after everything, if you are not happy with the product, you can return the same as it comes with a no cost 100 days return policy.

The Bear Mattress
The Bear mattress is designed to offer physical recovery to professional athletes. This is because they need to be at the peak performance level for days together with little time to sleep. Users of the latest Bear mattress include triathletes, marathon runners, and other hardcore athletes. The designing engineers at Bear developed this new kind of fabric that converts natural body heat to infrared energy, helping the joints and muscles in the recovery process. This mattress is also made using the Celliant technology as Amerisleep AS2. It comes with the same 100 days return policy as like others mentioned above.

All these specialized mattresses for back pain come in a price range between $800 and $1200, which is much lower if compared with products of this type from other manufacturers, making them the best and most economical mattresses for back pain.