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Here’s a complete buying guide for patio chair cushions

Here’s a complete buying guide for patio chair cushions

Here’s a complete buying guide for patio chair cushions

It is very important to choose patio furniture covers carefully as outdoor patio cushions are exposed to the elements most of the time. Ideally, for your patio chair cushions, you need to look for durable, water and heat proof materials and padding that do not fade easily.

Materials for Outdoor patio furniture covers:

Cheap outdoor furniture covers can lead to mold and mildew due to a lack of water-resistant properties. They will fade and lose color in the sun after one or two seasons. Waterproof fabrics will not absorb any water while Water-resistant fabrics absorb water like a sponge, however, like the sponge they can be squeezed to shed the water.

The best options available for patio chair cushions are:

  • Sunbrella Fabric lasts 2 to 10 times longer than conventional fabrics. It comes with a 5-year warranty against color loss or strength loss during normal use and exposure to elements, including sunlight.
  • Polyester Fabric is less expensive than 100% acrylic sunbrella fabrics. Their Lifespan is typically 2-3 years. They are water resistant and dry off quickly.
  • Olefin Fabric is made from durable synthetic fibers. They typically last for 3-4 years and are fade resistant.
  • Textilene Fabric made of PVC coated polyester fibers is durable, quick drying and low maintenance. However, the PVC coating may absorb heat while sitting in the sun for long and can fade over time.

Outdoor Cushion Seat Core Materials

  • Polyester Fill is soft and fluffy stuff used in patio furniture cushions but it offers no support and can flatten out over time.
  • Clustered Polyfill is polyester fiber wrapped in small bundles or tiny balls. They are firmer but have the same drawbacks as the polyester fill cushions.
  • Foam is often in conjunction with polyester fiber wrap that makes it more comfortable. It comes in a range of densities.
  • Dacron (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is a thermoplastic synthetic polymer resin known by the brand name Dacron, a patented fiberfill technology. A durable foam-padding insert provides optimum support to these cushions. Dacron cushions are very firm and they do not flatten out like other cushion materials. They are usually wrapped in a thin layer of polyester.

Check out patio chair cushions made from the above materials and choose the one that suits your style.