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Jello with a twist, making use of interesting ingredients

Jello with a twist, making use of interesting ingredients

Jello with a twist, making use of interesting ingredients

Desserts are a perfect way of concluding the main course, which can range from many confections in cakes, tarts, cookies, biscuits, pastries, pies, ice creams and many more interesting combinations to choose from. Here are a few different ingredients which can be used in preparing different varieties and combinations of the jello pretzel dessert.

Strawberry Jello pretzel salad: An interesting take on the classic, combining strawberries with the gelatin to create strawberry jello on a crunchy and salty base layer of pretzels. The cream cheese which is incorporated into the recipe cuts through the saltiness and gelatinous flavor of the dessert making it the perfect conclusion to a wonderful main course. It is easy to prepare and is served chilled.

Raspberry Jello pretzel salad: Raspberries are rich in many nutrients and vitamins which in general are good for your heart health, boosting brain functions, with powerful antioxidants boosting digestion, detox and disease preventions. Health benefits aside, Raspberries can be creatively infused with gelatin to create that perfect jello to compliment that crispy salty pretzel.

Orange gelatin pretzel salad: Another possible combination which features a very commonly used fruit. Oranges are rich in vitamin B, vitamin A, calcium, copper and potassium. Also, rich in fibers which aid digestion. But apart from that, the tangy and sweet taste of oranges makes it a perfect combo with pretzels both infused together in a cream cheese emulsion.

Cherry Jello pretzel salad: Incorporating season fruits which are available in abundance during the peak months, yield the best dessert combinations when compared to its traditional counterparts. Cherries have a rich tangy flavor which makes them a preferred choice for using in a desert.

The general preparation for these recipes requires a pretzel crust. The crust is prepared by crushing pretzels, sugar and then pressed in a pan to be baked for seven to eight minutes ideally. The cream cheese is mixed with sugar to form a layer on the baked pretzel crust. The final task requires combining whatever fruit or berries you are using with the gelatin dissolved in boiling water to be poured on top of the cream cheese layer. This is then set aside in the refrigerator to be chilled and served when needed.

More preparation methods can be found online by doing a simple web search, with specific or general ingredients that can be incorporated in the classic jello recipe to give it that twist.