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Know More about RV Furniture

Know More about RV Furniture

Know More about RV Furniture

Furniture plays a major role in a home. All of us wish to have good quality furniture. Apart from that, it must match up with our home decor. RV Furniture offers great quality furnishings which provides customized special items like tables, chairs, and other furniture items. A variety of products are manufactured by RV Furniture with skilled workmanship. You can completely enjoy the quality of furniture by RV for a long period of time. From modern-day and classic styles, RV Furniture helps users to choose the correct pieces. A number of designs are available which can give you a comfortable feel in your home.

Let us look at some pieces of RV Furniture in detail:

Classic RV Table
This classic table is best quality furniture which you can purchase at around $330. You can easily assemble this table at your home as holes are pre-drilled as well as lined up. The component part comes up with rubber feet attached. The size of Classic RV Table is 27W X 36L X 30H and you can expand it up to 48L. This piece is made with solid hardwood and can be customized according to the ordered size. The styling of this table is amazing and the finishing is beautiful. It is a popular table design by RV Furniture. The best feature is that it can be expanded according to your space.

Slab Table with Trestle Base
Fill the empty space or a corner with the Slab Table with Trestle Base. The price of this table is approximately $229.00. Size of Slab Table with Trestle Base is 26W X 43L X 30H. It is an efficient table which helps you to utilize space in a better way. Solid hardwoods are used in this piece which makes it solid and long-lasting.

Contemporary Mini-Up Coffee Table
Mini Coffee tables look beautiful when you put them in the middle or any corner of the room. The size of this table is 21W X 26L X 16H. Also, you can extend the height of the Contemporary Mini-Up Coffee Table to 26 1/4″. You can purchase this coffee table by spending roughly $248.00. This table is very useful when you have to serve snacks on the couch or you have to entertain guests. You can put this table in any place. It is adjustable hence you can put it over the bed, couch or any other location. This table is made on order with solid hardwood according to your preferred size.

Classic Pie End Table
Classic Pie End Table is built with solid hardwoods. The market price of this table is around $109.50. Size of this table is 16W X 20L X 16H. The sturdy construction of this table assure the users of years of utility. It is designed in such a way that it can fit in between two tips at any angle. You can put this table on one side to keep your regular things closer. This small table does not take up a lot of space. If you want a small table for your room then this is the best deal.

Classic Folding Dinette Chair
The price of the Classic Folding Dinette Chair is approximately $134.40. Its size is 19H X 16D X 16W. You can easily store this chair anywhere. The cushioned seat is completely comfortable. The collapsed size of this chair is 8 ½”. Modern-day dinette chairs are found in different shapes and frequently they are slim. Classic Folding Dinette Chair makes a place immediately feel more stylish. Dining rooms become beautiful with these chairs. The chairs can fit in a small space too. Just like an ordinary chair, these chairs are made of solid wood. Also, you can customize the size of the chair according to your space. Various shapes and designs are offered by RV Furniture.