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Living room wall decors – wallpapers to kindle your interiors

Living room wall decors – wallpapers to kindle your interiors

Living room wall decors – wallpapers to kindle your interiors

One of the most successful and economical ways of revamping the looks of your home is to add wall paper on your hungry walls. The market offers aplenty of design options. Here are some to help you with your decision.

Vinyl Wallpapers- They are the most widely used papers on the market, as they are easy to install, easy to remove, light-resistant, washable, relatively cheap and extremely durable. They consist of a backing layer, paper or fiber, and a vinyl top coating. They can imitate any print or pattern and depending on the style can be dull and calm or pop and colorful. Though suitable for living rooms, they should be avoided in bedrooms, as they do not allow the walls to breathe. Hence, they are not advisable to be used in sleeping room or rooms without proper ventilation.

Embossed Wallpaper- They can add contrasting patterns to plain walls. The designs are pressed onto a paper backing creating a raised, textured effect. The textures can range from delicate and soft fabric inspired imprints to dramatic geometrics. The embossed textured design tends to hide most wall defects like scratches, cracks or roughness. Just like vinyl wallpapers, they are also easy to install, easy to remove and washable.

Liquid Wallpaper – They are a perfect substitute for boring and non-ecological materials. They consist of cellulose and cotton fiber and need to be applied in a liquid form with the help of a special pallet. These wallpapers clutch to the surface giving walls a smooth finish and filling in cracks and defects. Liquid wallpapers are capable of creating an expensive interior with luxurious walls without costing a fortune. The components used are natural and non-toxic, which provide environmentally safe interior coverings. They have a good thermal and sound insulation as well. Allows the wall to breathe and controls the amount of moisture in the room. Unlike other wallpapers, they do not have connecting seams, thus looking quite realistic.

Bamboo wallpaper- This is an Eco-friendly wall covering that allows you to think beyond paint when adding color to your home. They make the perfect backdrop to bright furniture and vibrant colors. Bamboo wallpapers are perfect for living rooms as they require limited cleaning and gentle dusting. Bamboo has disinfectant qualities, so it doesn’t just keep moss from growing, but also kills a few germs. However, they are high in cost.

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