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Redefine Your Looks with Brand New Contact Lenses

Redefine Your Looks with Brand New Contact Lenses

Redefine Your Looks with Brand New Contact Lenses

Eyes are the reflection of your thoughts. So why hide your beautiful eyes behind those clumsy glasses? Replace your glasses with brand new contact lenses and redefine your looks.

Why choose contact lenses over spectacles?

Contact lenses are thin lenses placed on the surface of the eyeballs to enhance one’s vision. There are many reasons which may compel you to switch from specs to contact lenses; some of them are stated below.

Reasons that may compel you to switch your focus to contact lenses:

– These are rather more effective than spectacles
– These are comfortable for drivers or sportspersons
– You may wear sunglasses or goggles along with contact lenses
– You need not carry another pair of therapeutic glasses along with you
– Contact lenses don’t collect moisture from the air on their surface; therefore, you need not clean them every now and then
– Contact lenses help treat certain eye problems like keratoconus and aniseikonia more effectively

Classification of contact lenses

Contact lenses are classified into different categories according to their usage, material that they are made up of, durability and replacement. The types of lenses according to usage have been listed below:

Vision corrective contact lenses

The vision-oriented lenses are carved to correct the refractive error. The lenses are designed differently to correct different types of vision disabilities. For example, spherical lenses treat myopia and hypermetropia, toric lenses treat astigmatism, varifocal lenses treat presbyopia etc.

Bifocal lenses

These lenses have multiple focal points and are apt to treat presbyopia. Hence, you need not carry two different pairs of glasses to treat near and far vision disability

Monovision lenses

These are single-vision contact lenses which are used as a treatment for eye disability. If one of your eyes possesses vision disability and the other one functions well, you may use these lenses. You may also use them in case one of your eyes possesses distance vision disability and the other one possesses near vision disability.
These lenses are carved with different focal lengths according to your eye, to deal effectively with your eyes.

X-Chrom lenses

These lenses are designed to treat color blindness. Though not much effective, these lenses help people suffering from color blindness in differentiating between the colors. These lenses are also effective for those suffering from night blindness.
When differentiating on the basis of material, there are basically 3 types of lenses, viz.

Hard lenses

These lenses were earlier made out of plexiglass and were harmful as they didn’t allow oxygen passage to the cornea, leading to several other eye diseases. Later the lenses material was modified into rigid gas permeable lenses.

Soft lenses

Made up of water containing plastic material, these lenses are easy to wear and remove. They adjust easily in your eyes and even allow oxygen passage.

Hybrid lenses

These are not very common and have recently been manufactured. It comprises of a rigid lens on the surface of a soft lens. This gives you the comfort of the soft lens and benefits of the rigid lens.

Different lenses on the basis of durability and replacement

Highly durable lenses can be used for a longer period while less-durable lenses must not be used for longer time. Some lenses allow continuous wearing and can be worn for even a month. Others allow extended wearing and need to be removed every night before sleeping. These lenses are cleaned using a special type of solution and are kept in a lens case.
The lenses must also be replaced after a certain time, to avoid eye problems or eye infections. The daily disposable lenses are for one-time use and must be disposed of after one use. Weekly disposable lenses must be disposed of every week. In the same way, the monthly disposable and quarterly disposable lenses must be disposed of every month. The non-disposable lenses can be used for a year or 1.5 years but not more than that.

How to choose right contact lenses for yourself?

It is better to consult a good ophthalmologist before choosing any lens for yourself. In case, you are buying a lens just to enhance your style with different colored eye lenses, get the right size and shape of the lens. Focus on the quality of material and other important aspects so as to avoid any kind of damage to your eyes.