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Tips to get great discounts on Europe tour packages

Tips to get great discounts on Europe tour packages

Tips to get great discounts on Europe tour packages

Traveling to Europe for holidays? Well, with some hacks, you may avail of great discounts on Europe tour packages. Here are some of the money-saving hacks that can be of great help to you while visiting Europe.

Check all transportation options
When it comes to transportation, most travelers tend to stick to trains and flights. However, you will be surprised to know that many other transportation options in Europe cost far less than trains and flights. For instance, a trip from Paris to Amsterdam can cost you around $200 by flight or train, but just around $45 via a service called Rideshare by BlaBlaCar and just around $21 via OUIBUS. Thus, when booking Europe travel packages, choosing the ground transportation options instead of flights can help you save a lot of money.

Sign up for deals, discounts, and reward points
Airlines usually offer deals in the form of discounted prices, seat upgrades, and even free trips as a part of their frequent flyer program. The same goes for hotels as well, which offer everything from room upgrades to complimentary amenities for those who sign up for a membership program. Signing up for such programs can help you avail of lucrative discounts and deals, which may not be available with standard Europe tour packages.

Stay away from the city centers
While staying at a hotel located close to the city center may feel more reasonable, it may run you up by hundreds of dollars. Hotels and other accommodation units located close to city centers usually charge twice the standard accommodation fares than hotels located at the outskirts. By choosing to stay at a hotel that is a short bus ride from the city center, you can be sure of saving some bucks.

Make use of the Hacker Fare
Not many airline operators will tell you that booking two flights separately tends to be cheaper than booking a round ticket. This smart yet simple Hacker Fare of booking two one-way fares from different low-cost airlines can save you a significant amount in travel-related costs. Make sure you ask about this Hacker Fare when booking your Europe tour packages.

If you are traveling to Europe and intently looking for Europe tour packages, take note of these money-saving hacks that can help you stay within a budget while still enjoying your trip to Europe.