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Top modular home manufacturers in the country

Top modular home manufacturers in the country

Top modular home manufacturers in the country

A fast paced life needs to be a life of convenience. First introduced around early 1945s, modular homes are becoming an increasingly popular option across the country because of their method of construction, style, and the price at which they are offered. In a nutshell, a modular home is a house whose parts are manufactured in a factory and then transported to the site and assembled there. The previous decade witnessed an exponential growth in the sales of these “prefab” homes, which gave rise to many modular home manufacturers.

Here are some of the modular home manufacturers across the country:

Ma Modular- These prefabricated home builders are based in Austin, Texas and construct high-end modular home systems. They build homes in Texas, Louisiana, and the Western US along with the east coast. They currently offer one-bedroom, one-bathroom “Grand Ma” model with 550-square feet that can be perfect for a single person. It can also serve as a backyard guest house or an artist’s studio. Apart from this, they manufacture modular homes with a larger area (of up to 2300 square feet), accommodating multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.

Method Homes- Headquartered in Seattle, Washington; Method Homes are known to manufacture precision-engineered and commercial modular homes. They build homes ranging from 1200 square feet to 2300 square feet. They have their own set of design and styles and also offer their customers the option of customizing their own modular home. Method Homes manufacture modular homes in all of Western USA and Canada too.

Sander Architects- Taking modular homes a step further, these manufacturers are known for creating hybrid houses which are considered as a major leap in the customized prefab homes. They manufacture modular homes ranging from 2000 square feet to 8000 square feet and have delivered suburban, rural, and urban settings across the country. The firm builds the metal frame and roof for the modular home in a factory and assembles the rest of the parts on site.

Resolution: 4 Architecture- Founded in 1990, it is a 10-person firm and were one of the first to introduce “mass customization” to the single-family concept. They manufacture 2000- square-foot home with a living space, 3 bedrooms and bathrooms. Around 80 percent of the modular home is built in a factory and the rest is assembled installed on site.